cooking sticky food on non stick pan

The Top 7 Malaysian ways on How To Clean Non Stick Pan

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A nonstick coating surface skillet makes cooking easier and more efficient. The question is, what happens when you by mistake burn your food on your stove and it sticks? You'll have to clean up the mess!


For cooking meals and cleaning afterwards, nonstick cookware is fantastic. Besides, they are strong and resistant, so you won't have to worry about changing them frequently.
We understand accident happens and you may have had sticky burnt food on it, it can be a struggle to remove them and forced to get a new one. 

Let’s see how easy it is to keep your nonstick pan looking new without scratching or causing damage throught the Malaysian way.

  1. Not the Dishwasher, leave it out.

    Is your home officially occupied by a dishwasher? If so, then you’re one of the revolution people that support innovative design and efficiency. However, we know some of you actually put the non stick pan into dishwasher for power rinsing, yet the experts from the manufacturing line suggests that the non stick cookware lasts better and longer when it is cleaned manually.
    Masterchef: Your non stick coating that helps to slide your crispy seared food will get degraded so long it is under dishwasher such heat and pressure with detergent, under a long period of time.

    Even if the non stick pan you purchase say it is dishwasher safe, your pan can actually withstand years of stovework, if you know how to take care of it, right?

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  2. Mild soap to clean after every meal.

    The easiest approach to cleaning a nonstick pan is to wash it right away (Not to burn a blister on yourself off a heating pan for sure). Most food particles will rinse right off if the pans are cleaned at the earliest, unless it needs water for sticky food to get saturated to float out the surface. 

    Oh, for a fantastic scrubber that will not hurt your non stick pan, definitely checkout SILICONE COLLAPSIBLE SCRUBBER RED. Hygienic and doesn’t cause scratches to your pan, easy substitute of stainless steel wire balls.

  3. Scouring pads aren’t that great for non stick pan.

    Most Malaysians has mistaken stainless steel ball to use whenever food sticks on our cookware. But in truth, non stick pan is not compatible with such hardened wash, it hurts.

    1. Let your pan sit to cool before washing.
    2. Hot pan in cold water can deformed.
    3. Avoid using iron or metal cutlery on the pan. As it is common knowledge among us all.

      cooking sticky food on non stick pan

  4. Baking soda can come in handy.

    If you are avoiding abrasive soap that could chemically degrade the non stick wok and pan, try mixing baking soda with water or oil to reach a paste like texture and apply to it. 

    Baking soda will work wonder. Voila, the burnt area or sticky food will come off easily. Leave it to rinse and wipe. 

    Other households expert will suggest baking soda and lemon scour.
    The combination of acidic and alkaline reaction will cause some fizz, but it is a good effect on the non stick cookware as it will mitigate the colored and rainbow stains on your stainless steel pan and the food particles will dissolve as a result.

  5. Boiling off the stains with vinegar!

    Add white vinegar and water into your pan and bring it to a boil, the stick food will bubbled to the surface, or at least loosened up for your ease of cleaning.
    This works especially on stainless steel cookware, it is not limited to non stick cookware series.
    Your burnt food and stains will  be removed at once.
    Consider equal ratio of vinegar and water (or baking soda) mixture, add them into a cooled pan and bring it to a boil for 3 minutes. Wash off once it has cool down.

  6. The protection - Cooking Oil.

    A light coverage of cooking oil before and after using a non stick pan is helpful for maintenance.
    This act as a seasoning as you do not need extra oil for next cooking, just ensure the storage are clean to avoid insects or dirt affecting the hygiene.

    how to clean burnt non stick pan

  7. Dry wipe your non stick pan.

    Once the oil is properly set, you can use a paper towel to wipe away excessive content, remember, a thin oil coverage is perfect.
    You can then use the paper towel as a base to protect the non stick cookware set, for scenario when you are stacking them up for more storage room.


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