Maybank TREATS Deals Non Stick Cookware in Mid Valley

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Maybank Treats Fair - Non Stick Cookware in Mid Valley on 27-30 October 2022

In this coming 27-30 October 2022, STONELINE Malaysia is offering sales during Maybank TREATS Fair, event will be held on Mid Valley Exhibition Center KL.

Read further to find out what this Maybank TREATS Fair is about and our featuring products.



  1. Best Non-stick cookware deal

    You don't want to miss this out. Have Credit Cards with Maybank Treats points for good redemption? This is the right time to save the date, come to mid valley and visit us and all the other merchants. See our featuring non-stick cookware redemption on the Maybank website.

    Early bird discounts and Hot bundle deals? We covered them all.


  2. Top Frying Pan early bird deals

    Our Classic frying pan is back on the spotlight.

    The Maybank Treats Fair will return from October 27 to October 30, 2022. Save the date and join us at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre in Kuala Lumpur. During this four-day promotion, you can enjoy 0% EzyPay, 5X Points when you use your #MaybankCards, and 1 Million Points #ForYou to be won every day.

    Plus, you may be one of the fortunate winners of an RM4,000 Supermarket Sweep, a Guaranteed Gift, a unique redemption of 400 Points = RM1, early bird promos, and several more amazing top deals! #TreatsFair

    We'll be in Hall 1, Booth No. 9.





  3. Perfect bundle deal for gift - Multipurpose 5Pcs Set Square Pan with Steamer and Air Fryer

    You can enjoy 10% OFF for any 2 STONELINE non stick cookware, and 15% for 3 items purchase, Maybank TREATS accept 0% interest EZYPAY installment, you can own effortless cooking starts this month! This Cookware set included:


    In compared to round pans, the square design provides 30% more frying surface.


    The distinctive fragrance glass lid allows you to drop liquids like wine, liquid spices, or other essences into the glass through the lid knob. Add scents to any cuisine to bring a distinct flavour.

    The silicon lip on the glass lid rests flush with the rim of the cookware. Ensures energy efficiency and no clinking sounds during cooking. The silicone lip protects the pan's surface and strengthens the lid.

    Induction is also supported by the die-cast aluminium cover. It may be used as a casserole dish, serving pan, or warming plate on its own.


    With this steam attachment, you may delicately cook your meal. Whether you're preparing vegetables, seafood, pork, or sweet delicacies like yeast dumplings, this steam insert will ensure your meals are a delight. The many air holes in the steam insert let hot steam easily circulate around your food and adequately cook it. This greatly maintains the nutrients and flavours.

    Fryer (Deep)

    The multi-purpose square pan can even be used as a deep fryer. Use the deep-frying basket to make mouthwatering snacks!

    The square pan is oven-safe up to 220 °C. Simply place the heat protection supplied in the set over the handles to remove the from the oven.



  4. Non Stick Cookware Set Hot Bundle DealsIllustration is true to merchant information during publishing.
      1. STONELINE 10 Pcs Cookware Set, FREE Silicone Turner (Worth RM99)
      2. Frying Wok (32CM x 5.7L) with Exchangeable Handle and Sieve Glass Lid
      3. Saucepan (18CM x 2.2L) with sieve glass lid
      4. Roasting Pot (24CM x 4.6L) sieve glass lid
      5. Stewing Pan (28CM x 3.3L) sieve glass lid
      6. Cooking Pot (28CM x 7.0L) sieve glass lidEXCALIBUR-Stainless-steel-knife-set-5-with-knife-block
  5. EXCALIBUR Stainless steel Knife set of 5, with knife blockEXCALIBUR Stainless steel knife set of 5, with knife block is an essential for homechefs, TREATS point or 1/3 slash for cash and carry!1 knife block1 chef’s knife, blade: approx. 20.3 cm length, 3 mm, total length approx. 34.0 cm1 bread knife, blade: approx. 19.3 cm length, 3 mm, total length approx. 33.5 cm

    1 carving knife, blade: approx. 19.8 cm length, 3 mm, total length approx. 34.0 cm

    1 Zubereitungsmesser, blade length approx. 12.0 cm, 2 mm, total length approx. 23.3 cm

    1 vegetable knife, blade length approx. 8.5 cm, 2 mm, total length approx. 20.0 cm

    1 grinding stone




Stoneline has served over 80 countries by large mail-order companies, TV shopping channels, and renowned retailers.


Available non stick cookware including Saucepan, Grill pan, Cooking Pot, Non Stick Frying Pan, Stir Fry Wok, and many more. Nevertheless, the great bargain offer full beginner non stick cookware sets and value bundle deals, wholeheartedly designed and engineered for you.

  • Wok
  • Grill Pan
  • Saucepan
  • Frying Pan
  • Stewing Pan
  • Cooking Pot
  • Multipurpose
  • Dutch Oven Roaster
  • Value Bundle Deal Sets



"STONELINE® offers modern technology and the very best quality at prices that anyone can afford. This is what I stand for."

-Michael Schmiederer



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