Crepe Pan 25 cm with Roller accesories



What’s in the box?

1 crepe pan, ø approx. 25 cm, height: approx. 1.7 cm, approx. 0.7 l
1 wooden crepe roller


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STONELINE® – The original!
Healthy nonfat cooking and frying

Everybody loves thin sweet or salty crepes:
crepe suzette, crepe with marmalade, with choccolate spread or stewed fruid for those with a sweet tooth or with cream cheese, mushrooms, herbs or a light herb mousse for those who prefer it salty.
The basis for all of the above is a delicious, thin crepe that can easily be spread on the pan with the crepe roller included in the set. If you prefer preparing your crepes without fat or oil you can refrain from adding them.
The small rim prevents spilling onto the cooktop.
Put the batter onto the pan, spread it, flip, done!



1 crepe pan, ø approx. 25 cm, height: approx. 1.7 cm, approx. 0.7 l
1 wooden crepe roller

The most important advantages of STONELINE® cookware at a glance:

  • Scratch-proof non-stick STONELINE® coating
  • Vitamin-friendly cooking and frying without fat and oil
  • Perfect results and crispy meat
  • Also suitable for vegetarians: Vegetables stay crunchy and juicy
  • No burning and no sticking
  • Super easy to clean
  • Extra strong, non-distorting base
  • Base thickness: 4.5 mm
  • Suitable for all cookers including induction cookers
  • Oven-proof up to 180 °C
  • Material: die-cast aluminium

Tips for cleaning and care:

We recommend cleaning your cookware thoroughly with water and a mild detergent before the first use.
Apply a few drops of cooking oil with a kitchen towel onto the coating.
No fat or oil is needed for further use! 
Thanks to the Easy-Clean effect we recommend cleaning the cookware by hand. Wipe clean with hot water, a mild detergent and a soft sponge.

Diameter: 25 cm
Content: up to 1 l
Handle: Fixed
Material: Aluminium
Suitable Induction: Yes
Color: Anthracite

Additional information

Weight 1.475 kg
Dimensions 553 × 357 × 275 mm

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