Naturnic | Euro System Dish Rack 1 Level with 360 Swivel Spout



Manufacturer: Made In Korea

Product Size: 51 x 36 x 16.5 cm

Product Weight: 3kg

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It’s important to be clean and organised in your kitchen as there is where food can easily go bad and harm your health if you are not clean and careful. Made from quality stainless steel and ABS plastic, the Naturnic Euro System Dish Rack will keep your kitchen neat and tidy by storing your dishes after you cleaned them.

  • Can store each application separated in 3 piece spoon holder.
  • Spoon holder can be installed on the upper, lower, left and right sides of the dish rack.
  • The ventilation hole drains the water outside of the holder to make dinnerware stay dry and clean.
  • In the bottom part of the body, it has TR mat which prevents slipping and shaking.
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle the dish rack, it is easy to clean and can use it more hygienically.
  • Stainless steel wire durable and hygienic.
  • Wire shelf is easy to clean due to easy separation from the dish rack.
  • Can hang wine glasses, dishcloths, and kitchen tools in the holder.
  • The holder can be hung anywhere convenient on the wire or body part.
  • 60-degree water spout helps the water to flow directly to sink in any directions.
  • The waterspout is adjustable in length, so it fits any type of sink.

Place of origin Made in Korea

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 420 × 420 × 420 mm

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