STONELINE® Roasting Set, set of 6, with lid with aroma rain [STP0033], 20cm Black, 28cm Volcanic, 32cm Cherry Red

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STONELINE® – The Original!
Healthy cooking and frying without fat!

You’ll love these unique and versatile cast aluminium roasting tins!

The specially developed lid for these roasting tins is equipped with prongs and has a domed lid shape. The self-basting circuit that this creates produces a crispy and juicy result since your dishes are continuously basted during the cooking process. This aroma rain, as it is known, stops the cooked food from drying out, gently cooks your food and enhances the food’s own natural flavour.

The air circulation system inside the roasting tins creates an even air stream inside the aluminium container, heating dishes perfectly and saving energy. The aluminium container guarantees long heat storage and efficient cooking.

The STONELINE® roasting tins impress with their convenient handling since they weigh less than extremely heavy, cast iron roasting tins.

The roasting tins are extremely versatile and suitable for all roasted and stewed dishes, for casseroles, for steaming and for baking bread.

Thanks to the special STONELINE® anti-stick coating, the dishes you prepare – depending on your preferences – can be made without frying fat or oil and released from the cookware without sticking.

It makes no difference whether you are cooking on a ceramic, induction, electric or gas hob.
Cookware with the original STONELINE® coating prevents stubborn food residue from sticking and the easy washing by hand saves you time and effort.

This 3-piece set comprises:
1 gourmet roasting tin, approx. 32 x 25 cm, height: approx. 12 cm, approx. 6.6 l, cast aluminium lid with aroma rain
Colour: Cherry red
1 roasting tin, diam. approx. 28 cm, height: approx. 8 cm, approx. 4.2 l, with cast aluminium lid with aroma rain
Colour: Kiln red
1 miniature roasting tin, diam. approx. 20 cm, height: approx. 10 cm, approx. 2.6 l, with cast aluminium lid with aroma rain
Colour: Black
Incl. thermal handle protectors

The key advantages of STONELINE® roasting tins at a glance:

  • Specially developed lid with self-basting circuit enhances the food’s own natural flavour and ensures a gentle cooking process.
  • Crispy and juicy results thanks to continuous basting of the food
  • Air circulation system ensures an even stream of air: dishes are perfectly heated and energy is saved
  • Cast aluminium container guarantees long heat storage
  • Convenient handling thanks to lighter weight compared to extremely heavy cast iron roasting tins
  • Ideal for all roast and stewed dishes, for casseroles, for steaming and for baking bread.
  • Scratch-resistant, STONELINE® anti-stick coating
  • Vitamin-preserving cooking and frying without fat or oil
  • Also suitable for vegetarians: vegetables stay crunchy and juicy
  • No burning and no sticking
  • Superbly easy to clean
  • Extra-strong, warp-free base
  • Base thickness: 4.5 mm
  • Suitable for all hobs, including induction
  • Oven-safe up to 240 °C (without thermal handle protectors) / 200 °C (with thermal handle protectors)
  • Material: Cast aluminium

Cleaning and care tips:

Before using it for the first time, we recommend washing your cookware or bakeware thoroughly with a little water and gentle detergent.
Then use a paper towel to spread a few drops of cooking oil over the coating.
With further use, you can stop using fat or oil!
We recommend cleaning by hand thanks to the Easy-Clean effect. Simply wipe out with hot water, washing-up liquid and a soft sponge.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 500 × 500 × 800 mm


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