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Ideas for everyday kitchen tasks

STONELINE® recipes bring a breath of fresh air into everyone’s kitchen. From soups and salads to meat dishes, fish or vegetarian dishes to desserts. The STONELINE® cookbooks offer something for everyone and  at www.stoneline.de/rezepte/ chefs not only find nutritional values but also preparation times. We happily develop new cookbooks with our  customers and partners, thus offering gourmets 365 days of new, creative or classic cooking ideas.


German Registered Trademark –Available Around The World

STONELINE® along with its sister brand STONE is the umbrella brand for 1,500 household items of all sorts. STONELINE® is the most broadcast cookware brand worldwide. Our products are sold in over 80 countries by large mail-order companies, TV shopping channels as well as renowned retailers.



STONELINE® cookware is a line of non-stick cookware that uses a patented natural micro stone coating developed in Germany. The tiny stone particles make the cooking surface very hard and durable. The stone micro-coating is naturally nonstick. This coating has a very high abrasion resistance and doesn’t flake or crack. The company claims their coating is 10 times stronger than other non-stick coatings.

STONELINE® cookware uses a magnetized stainless steel base and cast aluminumsides, which both absorb and disperse heat well to provide consistent cooking. High conductivity and heat holding capability of stone coated cookware help reduce the cooking time, making the cooking process more energy efficient.


STONELINE® - The original!


Made for daily use, for cooking and frying without oil and fat, for the very best taste.

High-quality kitchen utensils complete the product range.


Why are STONELINE® pots and pans better than conventional cookware?

The STONELINE® cookware is equipped with the specially developed high-quality ALPS mountain stone coatingthat has ideal non-stick properties and is extremely tough and scratch-proof. Enjoy healthy non-fat frying and cooking in cookware that prevents food from burning and is incredibly easy to clean thanks to thePFOA-free coating.


Future-oriented, Award-winning cookware

The STONELINE® FUTURE cookware won the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015 in 2015. Only high-quality designs with a great level of innovative strength were selected by the jury. The STONELINE® FUTURE series received an "Honourable Mention“.HonourableMentions stand for products with a well-thought design solution.


German Registered Trademark – Available Around The World

STONELINE® along with its sister brand STONE is the umbrella brand for 1,500 household items of all sorts. STONELINE® is the most broadcast cookware brand worldwide. Our products are sold in over 80 countries by large mail-order companies, TV shopping channels as well as renowned retailers.


The unbeatable range

The STONELINE® range leaves nothing to be desired. From cookware sets with pots and pans instandard sizes, XXL cookware for the entire family, woks, crepe pans, square griddles, to saucepansand steam cookers. We offer only the best for every occasion. No matter if induction, gas,electric or glass ceramic cooktops –the STONELINE® cookware is straightforward and easy touse. We also offer baking trays and baking dishes and anything you may need to createdeliciousfood in the oven: roasters, casserole dishes, cake forms and baking sheets and much more thatshouldn’t be missing in any household. The many numerous special features and characteristicsmake our cookware so highly popular. The range also includes aroma glass lids for dropwiseadding liquids to your food, removable handles that quickly and easily turn a pan into a casseroledish or baking pans with a colour progression –no wish is being left unsatisfied.