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Why Stoneline Non Stick Cookware?

Stoneline combines leading-edge technology with the greatest level of craftsmanship. You can experience the award-winning multi-functional designs and inventive kitchenware at such cost-effective price, making you want to cook up a storm.

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Cookware • Non-Stick

3Pcs Pot and Pan Set (Cooking Pot with lid 24cm + 24cm Stewing Pan)

RM950.00 RM439.00

What’s in the box?

  1. 1 stewing pan, ø approx. 24 cm, height: approx. 6.0 cm, approx. 2.2 l
  2. 1 cooking pot, ø approx. 24 cm, height: approx. 11.5 cm, approx. 4.5 l
  3. 1 glass lid, ø approx. 24 cm

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Non Stick Cookware, Value Kitchen Set is Ready To Meet You

Trace back to Stoneline Germany, we craft non stick stone particles enhanced cookware, kitchenware, and cooking sets cookware all professional and home chef loves. We ship directly to your door for any of our award-winning kitchen collections purchase. With our founder vision, our brand aims to offer incredible cooking set anyone can afford. Of course, you can get cheaper cookware items out there, but there are companies slying with their under-production without the premium ingredients and technology.Eventually, our frying pan and non stick pan will live its ultimate potential and exceed your expectation, with one year warranty. Moreover, the patented high-quality ALPS mountain micro stone particles technology is applied to our lines creating products including Saucepan, Grill pan, Cooking Pot, Non Stick Frying Pan, Stir Fry Wok, and many more. We even offer great bagain on full beginner non stick cookware sets and value bundle deals.

STONELINE will revolutionize traditional cookware brand for a great cause for kitchen users and homecook. For instance, at STONELINE Cookware, inspiration and innovation is the key focus. Our stock pots and non-stick frying pans and wok are engineered in and out, designing every little detail delicately. You can easily experience our complete collection of Woks, skillets, saucepans, stock pots, cookware sets, kitchen accessories, German made frying pans, and so much more. The philosophy is straightforward: You deserve the best quality at a reasonable price.

STONELINE® is the renowned brand for over 1,500 household items. Proud to be the most broadcasted cookware brand globally. Our products are sold in over 80 countries by large mail-order companies, TV shopping channels as well as chain store retailers. Our kitchen experience and highest quality cookware have served competitive restaurants and hotels. Need not risk having crushed at the mall or spending your breath on Amazon browsing for cheap, lousy frying pans that really are full of dangerous substances that will only last you a few seasons.

All Stoneline Cookwares’ nonstick frying pans, saute pans, saucepans, sauciers, stock pots, cookware sets, and non stick cookwares are all thoroughly tested to ensure our consumers get the greatest unique experience. To add, we strive to give exceptional customer service, and our customer care staff are ready together to welcome your call, email, or chat.